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Autumn Skies

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Painting: Acrylic on canvas. Painting knives, fingers, and brushes.

Inspiration: Emotions

Painting is wired and ready to hang. Gallery wrapped canvas.

Materials: Acrylic

18 x 24

Ships in a box

Blazing like a fire on a dry hot day. I decided to pick up the brush and release my inner emotions. The canvas started out black with orange creating my flames in my dark forest . As I continued unleashing my rage the canvas grew more intense with each passing hour.

Over time my emotions slowly started to take a turn and the canvas started to cool into greys and whites. The flames began to die down and the diluted acrylic began running down, as to wash out the intensity, I once possessed. This piece compared to the hot summers transitioning into the cooler falls . From the blazing heat to the crisp, refreshing fall skies.

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© Copyright by Nicol Jean
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