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                                                                                                                   ARTIST STATEMENT

My art consists of fragments of pictures, objects, and the beauty around me…but most of all, the emotional chaos that encompasses me from the depths of my soul. I translate it with each scrape of the painting knife, and each brush stroke onto my canvas.  I mainly stick to acrylics and primary colors, as acrylics dry fast, allowing me to layer quickly as my mood changes throughout the process. Primary colors are the base of every color, creating the foundation, my cornerstone.

The emotions inside me spill onto the canvas as I get lost in each piece.  Not only does it toy with my emotions, it also creates passages that I’m able to play off of, creating a labyrinth of ideas.  I refuse to isolate myself by classifying my work into a specific category. After all, how do you compartmentalized emotional layers of the soul?  One thing that I’ve discovered through art, is that I've found and accepted myself, and in turn, have found ways to give that gift back in a way that impacts others on a larger scale.

I paint to allow the viewer into my private and unspoken world. Communication has never been one of my strong points, but I've found that art grants me the ability to translate my feelings in ways that I've never been able to articulate with words.

My dream is to provide people with an opportunity to effortlessly fall into my art dig deeper than just beyond the obvious image, and allow themselves to tap into emotions that are hidden and tangled within their souls.

My intention is to create unity between the body and mind, and produce pieces that bring people together, crushing the walls of separation, standards, and rules in our society. My desire is to pull my audience into a world where they can rise above simply thinking inside the box, and create a safe space in their minds where the rules of society don't apply. I want my art to speak to people in a way that lets them know that even on the darkest of days, there is beauty and light ahead.

Art is freedom in a regulated world. Art is a door to appreciate small marks people have, and will, make to impact society. It's way for people to challenge themselves. A movement of beauty in a distorted world. Art is a way to gain insight, and an opportunity to accept people for who they are, and not for what is considered acceptable.

Many people have influenced and inspired me in unimaginable ways, opening my mind to so many aspects of life. The same satisfaction I get from those people, is what I strive to give back, in the most passionate way I know how.

A moment in time
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