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About Nicol Jean Law
Nicol Jean was raised in a family combined both of German and American roots, father American and mother German.  She and her two siblings devoted their childhood to traveling throughout the States and Europe. Having lived in California, North Carolina, Germany and Holland, she was able to accumulate a broad sense of cultural varieties.  Her parents impressed on their children the importance of other cultures and that helped form a deep appreciation for variety and expansion of one’s insight into the world. 
Nicol Jean previously resided in Virginia and had been for over 19 years…She currently resides in Fort Worth, TX.
Nicol Jean taught herself to paint accumulating more than twenty years of art experience. Art has been a mainstay and integral part of her life. Her early works consisted mainly of drawing, charcoal and pastels, some wall murals, ink drawings.  She finally embraced painting and currently prefers abstract works while also including acrylic works using brushes and painting knives.
Using acrylic as a preferred medium, but not limited to,  Nicol Jean does not confine herself to one subject matter and experiments with various forms and shapes. Her images are spontaneous and are triggered by her ideas and influences.  Her inspiration comes from past and present moments, music, travels, and in most cases emotions.  The paintings change at each stage of her movements and strokes.  
Art softens the struggles we all face in daily life whether it’s on a small or large scale. Painting can be a challenge or an outlet.  Each piece she does is a transition of a rollercoaster of emotions which anyone can relate to. Her work leans toward giving a sense of comfort and warmth that even in your darkest hour you can always rise above and a light will always shine through.  Her art is an escape from the everyday, its  therapy, warmth, cooling and energy.
With each piece she does, she hopes to bring you comfort, hope, and life. The greatest thing about art is, it speaks to so many people in so many different ways.  Let her speak to you and for you!
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